Undesired addition of filter-only field via Field Picker search result

  • 3 November 2020
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Due to the Explore Field Picker Upgrade in version 7.12 (https://docs.looker.com/relnotes#upgraded_explore_field_picker), it’s now possible to add a field to the Explore directly from the Field Search results (via the + icon).

However, it seems that this feature is enabled for Filter-only Fields, which may cause SQL issues if added by an unaware user.

You’ll find attached an example where I have a parameter (therefore a filter-only field) that can be added via the search result box, causing a SQL error.

It can also be the case that I’m missing something. If that’s the case, can you please point it out?


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1 reply

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We’ve fixed this one up, though it may not get released officially for a few weeks. Thanks for reporting it, and enjoy your entomologist badge for catching this bug! :bee: