Table Dimension - IF and contains

  • 16 April 2020
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Hi everyone! I want to create a table dimnesion yes/no. Yes if the name contains “TOSTAO” and no otherwise. It sounds really easy but I haven’t found the answer.

IF (name =%TOSTAO%, yes, no)??

Thank you!

2 replies

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Hello Silvana,

You’ll find a list of all the string functions here:

For your problem, there are different ways to achieve this but the easiest would be to simply use the contains() function. Remember that in functions when you refer to a field you need to use the use the ${view_name.field} format, which you get through autocomplete.


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If your IF is in SQL then you just make sure it returns boolean. Then the type: yesno will automatically convert boolean values to human-readable Yes and No