Table Calculations Error - Unknown Field

  • 16 January 2019
  • 2 replies

I am STUCK - I watched the video’s, tried to copy the formula’s and for some reason I keep getting “unknown field” in my calculation? I have attached the screenshot - you can see I named my fields correct, what am I missing.

Please help - I cant seem to figure this out and I’m sure I just can’t see it…

2 replies

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One thing I’d make sure of is that the field called “Performance Impressions” is actually referenced like that-- Maybe it’s just label: parameters making it show up that way, and its reference in the LookML is actually ${somecrazyview.imprsns} or something. If you start typing within curly brackets, are there any auto-suggestions that look relevant for impressions?

Also, if you have developer permissions, you could click the Cog menu by Impressions in the result table and select “Go to LookML” to find exactly what it’s called.

Should Impressions be capitalized? I suspect this is case sensitive.