Standardizing filter parameters

  • 8 September 2022
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I work for a company that has tracks defect reasons for machines. Since there are many different defect reasons some of the filters used to track these are pretty long.

For example:

I might have a look set up for a quality dashboard that has the following filter:

Defect reason - [is equal to] -  reason 1, reason 2 ...reason 15.

Now when I want to make a second look that has the same filter for a different machine I find myself typing in the same 15 defect reasons over again. I am aware that I can hold the defect reasons in a excel sheet or other text editor and copy paste them but since there is a need to use different filter all the time this is a little cumbersome.  

So my question is, Is there a way to save Looker filter parameters so I can copy and paste them between filters. Or alternatively, is there a way to group filter parameters is a way so that they can be reused later?


Thanks for the help, I'm quite the novice at looker still so apologies if this should be common knowledge:)


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