SQL query for merged results

  • 1 April 2022
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Is there any way to see the sql query for merged results like it is seen for regular queries?

If not then maybe can someone help me understand the merge logic and how to replicate it in a query?

The combining merge values are:
public.items  AS items ON vendor_integrations.items_uuid = items.uuid
public.items  AS items ON (client_integration_groups.items_uuid::uuid) = (items."uuid")


5 replies

+1 to this request! 

+1 to this request, no idea why this isn’t currently possible

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I suspect the merge results is not a SQL query at all, but an internally merged result sets that mimic a left join.

In a merged result of two queries.
Query 1 (Primary)
Query 2
Both queries are run in parallel and individual result sets are retrieved from each of the queries (Explores). Then the result sets are merged within Looker itself.. no data source involved at this point.

The above is my guess how this works. Take it with a fistful of salt.

Said that, there is a comprehensive documentation on how merged results work, though it does not go into how it is done internally within Looker instance.

End of the day, I’d agree that some sort of explain of the data lineage in merged result would be nice, I do not see this happening anytime soon :(

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​​​​​​+1 too.