Some fields from same view in explore not populating data

  • 18 September 2021
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Hi Team,


Could you please help me with this issue:


The fields/dimension are showing up in the explore as they are defined in the view however the fields do not show any data when pulled in the explore. Also, I double checked for other fields from the same view if there is any issue but other fields are populating data. So out of 10 fields/dimension only 6 are populating data.

I have done the following 3 checks from this link -

  1. The field you are trying to reference does not exist.
  2. The field is a dimension_group that is being referenced without a timeframe appended.
  3. There is a missing join, making the field inaccessible by some Explores.





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My best guess here will be that it is coming from the way explore is made.

Probably this view is not the base view of this explore and can be limited from the results in the main explores. Or there can be some limitations like “sql_always_where” or “always filter” etc.

You can check on the generated sql query in the SQL tab in the DATA tab - this should help to understand what is limiting the results. You can also go to SQL Runner from that SQL tab and make changes to the query and check the results.