Solving for Totals in Merged Tile

  • 16 August 2020
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Hi everyone, I hope this hasn’t been solved already but I have a merged tile and I was hoping to be able to sum the in stock field in my example and divide it by the row count for each specific date (transaction week)

I read that you can’t get totals for pivoted merged tiles so I was hoping there was a solution for my problem

I want to be able to show a summary of in stock for each of the dates without listing all of the items

Is this possible?


1 reply

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Hello @Alex_Binette,

I’m a bit confused by your description. A few clarifying questions,

  • You have a dashboard with a tile on it which contains a merge query?

  • You are wanting to create a table calculation in the merge query?

I want make sure I understand the question before confusing you more. 🙂

Kind regards,