Simplify table calculation

  • 22 September 2022
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    I need an idea on simplify a table calculation to reduce unnecessary steps. 
      For instance: 

 1+1*(${to_kin_premium_target} -1) 

7 replies

The purpose is to weigh reps goal  based on the work they put in. So if a rep is above floor and ceiling, then they get 3* of what they are performing. If the are between 1/1.1, the get straight payout. If the are way under 1/1.1, they were penalised 3* of their performance. So instead of penalising them by 3, we want to just give them whatever they are performing. So for instance if a rep is performing on 70% we want to give them 70% instead of dropping that 70% down because they under performed.
Line 7 in the calculation was initially  1+3* but we changed the 3 to a 1 in order to drop decelerator. I’m not sure if this answers your question. I just need an idea of making the operation a bit simpler than it is right now.

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And what is this operation, what purpose is taking the 1 off, multiplying it by one, and adding the one back?

# Floor:              1
# Ceiling:            1.1
# Floor Multiplier:   3
# Celing Multiplier:  3

6: if(${to_kin_premium_target} <= 1,
 7:  1 + 1*(${to_kin_premium_target}-1),
 8: if(${to_kin_premium_target} <= 1.1,
  9:  ${to_kin_premium_target},
  10:  1.1 + 3 * (${to_kin_premium_target} - 1.1)))

Want to simplify line 7.

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Can you paste the whole calculation, I can’t see anything from that screenshot

To reduce unnecessary steps in line 7. So instead of having it like the way it is right now, I’m trying to make line 7 into a simple calculation.

I’m trying to simplify that calculation.

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What are you trying to do here?