set parameter as filter, how could deselect the filter?

  • 28 October 2021
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Hi team, 

I’ve a Boolean parameter and set it as filter.

I’m wondering how could I deselect this filter to include all data?


Thank you,


1 reply

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Hey @yinsu510 ,

Is this filter on a report or in LookML code.

If you are working with a report, you should be able to change the filter at the top instead of something like:

field_name is Yes

, you can change the `IS` to say `Is any value`.

If you are working in LookML, near the top of your code block, there should be a filter parameter that might look like:


  field_name: ‘Yes’

If you change the `Yes` value to nothing at all, you deselect the filter.  Should end up with:


  field_name: ‘’

Feel free to let me know if this helps and good luck!