Schedule & download Data from look - Limit

  • 7 February 2017
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We have created looks for the Users and , we need to set up a process to schedule and download the entire data. Is there a way possible,? I checked for the option, it has row limits but i want to explore options of downloading the entire data for a look which is scheduled.

It would be fine just to download the look, even without emailing but in a scheduled way not like running and waiting for the query to get executed.

1 reply

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Hi @viveksingh,

Right now, to schedule unlimited results, if you are on 4.2, then you will be able to schedule unlimited to an S3 bucket, more on that here. If you are on 4.6, then you will be able to schedule unlimited to an SFTP server, more on that here. To download unlimited, you should be able to select All Results from the drop down which will return all rows from the query, more on that here and some best practices when it comes to downloading unlimited.