Running total that subtracts subsequent values across rows

  • 28 September 2016
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I saw plenty of threads regarding creating running totals across rows, however is there a way to take the initial value in the first column, and then as the columns continue on, subtract the next values from the original.

Think of having a starting amount of $1,000. Then as the years progress, you subtract x amount from that initial $1,000. So year one may be 1,000 - 50, then year two: 950 - 25, then year three: 925 - 75… and so on. And this is happening across columns, not down a single column.


4 replies

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Hi James,

You can probably just use a slightly modified version of the running total hack from here: Creating a running total across rows with table calculations

pivot_index(${aircraft.count},1)*2  ## you need the first column twice because 

- ## the running_total immediately subtracts it




, 1 - pivot_column()

, pivot_column()



And here’s the example in learn:

Are the first line and what you have below the dash supposed to be two separate table calculations? How is that code able to be a table calculation

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You just need to remove the comments to run this, the dash is just a minus and done to space the expression a little better. The example in learn shows the expression running live. Here’s a reformatted version without all the spacing:


This makes sense, Thank you!