Reference to a column total of table calculation

  • 17 April 2019
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I have two custom measures inside pivot that I sum up by creating table calculations.

Let’s call those measures MA and MB, and the result of the sum is called SumAB

I enabled totals and I get all totals like below:


Just wanted to confirm background is green so it’s table calculations. Now I have each total across a pivot so I want simple calculation pivot change. I create new table calculations but the only references I see are:


but I can’t see ${sumab:total}. I tested it by inserting this as new table calculation but I get an error that the field is not in current query

1 reply

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Looks like that’s not possible to reference yet— Totals on table calcs themselves are quite young, geologically speaking! I will pass this along and see if it’s something missed, or something planned.