Query is sometimes not responding and can't be stopped

  • 13 February 2017
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Sometimes, when I edit a look, the query keeps running (or so it seems). When I press Stop, nothing happens. So, what I do is, refresh the entire page, and lose all the changes I have made and re-apply the changes. Just wondering, is this a known bug? When can we expect the fix to be deployed?

FYI, the database that I used is Google BigQuery.

Thank you.

3 replies

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Hey @hans-t are you editing the Look from the Look as Document page or are you editing the Look from the dashboard? If you don’t mind visiting , we can log-in and take a closer look at the behavior you’re experiencing. Thanks!

From the document page.

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Hi @hans-t, there is a known issue about queries continuing to run while editing Looks. So far we’ve seen this at the dashboard level, and have prepared a fix for Looker 4.8. As @paola said, we would be happy to investigate just in case this is a different issue; it would be helpful if you emailed and we can take a deeper look.

Alternatively, you can wait for Looker 4.8 (shipping to you early March) and see if that fixes it.