Period over Period Analysis

  • 4 January 2022
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A chart is providing a period over period comparison across same months from current and previous years.
Now when I open the chart Today(Jan 2022) I need to show previous 12 months i.e From Jan 2021 till Dec 2021 comparing with Jan 2020 till Dec 2020. This is happening, but now I need to sort the months i.e when I open the same chart suppose in Feb 2022, the chart should show comparison From 

Feb 2021- Jan 2022 to Feb 2020-Jan 2021. 

I am using Table calculations as follow to do the sorting 

MonthNumber = 
case (
  when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="January",1),
   when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="February",2),
   when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="March",3),
   when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="April",4),
   when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="May",5),
   when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="June",6),
   when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="July",7),
   when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="August",8),
   when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="September",9),
   when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="October",10),
   when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="November",11),
   when (${invoice.invoice_posted_month_name}="December",12),




SortOrder =

  when(extract_months(now()) <= ${monthnumber},-12 - (extract_months(now())-${monthnumber})),


but now able to get the required result, Can somebody help. Thanks

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