New UI, measures on different y-axes, same side

  • 7 December 2020
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Hey everyone!


Graphs that used to plot measures on different axes on the same side look “glitchy”. I don’t think this used to be the case, before the recent UI update?


If info on this topic already exists in docs, please link it and I will facepalm myself.

(I tried searching for info on this issue myself, but couldn’t find any.)



5 replies

Is this something I should ask Looker support about directly, instead of the community?


Sorry, first time poster 😅

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Hi @Jamie Friday,


You can definitely send a request to our support team or use our live chat feature. It may be more efficient to troubleshoot this that way. Would you mind sending a screen grab of how the data is structured, if there are any pivots things like that, please? The other thing I would want to check is the JavaScript console in the browser for errors. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.




Thanks @Eric_Lyons , I’ll just let Looker Support know then. I was mainly curious if other people were experiencing this issue as well, confirming it as a bug with the new update, as opposed to an issue on my end.

Maybe someone external could just test as well?


This problem happens if I take any random dimension and any random 2 or more measures (with values that are off-scale-enough to have different automated-axis-values), and then put the measures on different axes – but on the same side.

The text ends up overlapping.


No special criteria. It happens regardless of filters or pivots. It doesn’t matter which explore I use. And it happens with any graph where data is plotted on an x-y graph (e.g. bar, line). My coworkers are having the same issue too on their machines.

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Hello James,

I confirm I experienced the same issue. As soon as I put two or more axis on the same side, axis labels overlaps. I think it’s a regression of 7.20 because the issue started to happen just after the release on my side.

Perfect, thanks a bunch for confirming @antho