NDT - Explore source - casts date as Timestamp

  • 7 July 2022
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In my source explore I have a field called History Date, that is of type date. Then I want to create NDT out of it using:

column: history_date {

  field: my_explore.history_date



This field has datatype:date + convert_tz: no in its definition but the SQL code for an NDT shows the following”


 (TIMESTAMP( )) AS date,

Then, the problem occurs when filtering. it creates a mismatch between TIMESTAMP and a DATE.  ) >= ((DATE_ADD(DATE_TRUNC(CURRENT_DATE('America/New_York'), MONTH), INTERVAL -2 MONTH))) AND (  ) < ((DATE_ADD(DATE_ADD(DATE_TRUNC(CURRENT_DATE('America/New_York'), MONTH), INTERVAL -2 MONTH), INTERVAL 3 MONTH)))))


Looks to me like the field type of the field is correctly inferred from the LookML because the filters are DATE_ADD not TIMESTAMP_ADD, but the conversion in the NDT is totally wrong here.


Current workaround: create date column as Derived Column and cast it to DATE

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