Model name in an Explore?

  • 25 November 2021
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Has anyone come across the following problem and have a nifty solution/any thoughts?


Problem: We are based over multiple countries, with a relationship of one-to-one when it comes to models and countries in our Looker instance. We’ve designed it this way as we have tables with the same structure in each country, but wish to keep each countries’ data separate. The problem arises when a user is in an explore, as the model/country the user is viewing is hard to figure out quickly (we’ve shared with users that the model name is in the URL but it’s not always the first place people look) and there is confusion and frustration.

Our current fix is to include the model/country name in the label of the Explore, but this makes the Explore dropdown v. ugly. Is there a better way to display the model only in the Explore itself? 

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