Looker Actions - Twilio Send Data

  • 5 January 2018
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Looker Actions - Twilio Send Data

Looker is launching a Twilio action, allowing customers to send data to a phone through the Twilio API from within Looker. Customers will be able to text data referencing Looker on a one-off or scheduled basis.

Enable the Twilio Send Data Action

Note: Your Looker instance must be on Looker 5.6.

  1. To enable the action in Looker, go to your Admin panel and the Actions Tab under the Platform header []. (Admin > Platform > Actions)

  2. Select “Enable” on the Twilio Send Data Action.

  3. In your Twilio console, note your Account SID, Auth Token and a purchased Phone Number [].

  4. Copy the authentication information and paste into the Looker Actions Page.

Send text message data through Twilio

Great, now you’ve setup your Action so that Looker can communicate with the Twilio API!

Create and Send or Schedule a Report

  1. In Looker, view a Look or explore data to see the data you want to send to Twilio.

  2. Then start to send the data now or schedule the data to be sent later or periodically.

  3. In the Send or Schedule window’s Destination field, select “Twilio Send Data”.

  4. In the To field, specify the phone number to text the data.

  5. Click Send.

    Your data will be sent to the phone number through Twilio!

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