Looker Actions - Tray

  • 5 January 2018
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Looker Actions - Tray

Looker is launching a action, allowing customers to send data to a Tray workflow from within Looker. This action will allow Looker customers send Looker data to on a one-off or scheduled basis.

Enable the Tray Action

Note: Your Looker instance must be on Looker 5.6+.

Customer-hosted instances may be unable to enable actions from the Looker Action Hub, especially actions that support streamed results or that use OAuth, if the customer-hosted Looker instance does not fulfill these requirements.

See the Sharing Data Through an Action Hub documentation page for suggested solutions to this potential issue.

  1. To enable the action in Looker, go to your Admin panel and the Actions Tab under the Platform header []. (Admin > Platform > Actions)

  2. Select “Enable” on the Action.

  3. In your homepage, create a workflow with a webhook connector []. ( -> Create Workflow -> Add Webhook Connector)

  4. Copy your Workflow Public URL.

Send data to Workflow

Great, now you’ve setup your Action so that Looker can communicate with!

Create and Send or Schedule a Report

  1. In Looker, view a Look or explore data to see the data you want to send to your Workflow.

  2. Then start to send the data now or schedule the data to be sent later or periodically.

  3. In the Send or Schedule window’s Destination field, select “Tray”.

  4. In the Tray Webhook URL field, specify the Workflow Public URL location for the data.

  5. Click Send.

    Your data will be in your Workflow!

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Great information,  is there a way to send custom headers in your webhook payload? or is there a way to send some type of signature that would allow Tray to identify the event is comming from a trusted source? 

A few options could to to sign the body of the webhook content with an HMAC or something similar?