Limit Displayed Column

  • 16 September 2021
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Hi I am looking for a way to limit both the displayed rows AND the displayed columns. 

Use case is that I am looking to display the top 5 articles with the highest volatility day to day. 

  • I am calculating rate of change day to day across 2 rows
  • sorting based on rate of change results
  • limit displayed rows to show first 5 rows
  • limit displayed column to show most recent date

If anyone have a solution to displaying the columns or a different way of solving this problem, your advise would be a godsend :pray:

2 replies

By ‘display’, do you mean a visualization (perhaps on a dashboard as a table?), or an explore? Things you need can be done quite easily if its a visualization.

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In the settings of the visuaslisation you have this Data section:

There, you can Limit Displayed Rows and show only the first row just make sure your ordering is how you want it:

If you ever need more, you can create a Table Calculation that returns yesno:

and by clicking on the gear icon of this field, select Hide Nos from Visualisation: