Last Complete Month vs. Date Range

  • 16 September 2021
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I am trying to find the best/most accurate report and am confused by something:


Running a report with a specific date range that covers the last complete month (8/1/21-8/31/21) and running a report with the filter for the last complete month do not give me the same results.  What causes that?


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Hi there! My first thought is that if you are using a date range, you may be using “is in the range 8/1/21 until (before) 8/31/21”, which would not include the last day of August. Instead we’d want to use “is in the range 8/1/21 until (before) 9/1/21”. 

If this doesn’t produce the same results as “is in the last complete month”, I’d recommend checking out the differences in the generated sql for the where clause of the query. It helps to simplify the query as much as possible before comparing the differences between how the where clause is being generated to pinpoint where we are running into differences.