JOIN 2017 - Deep Dive - Tools for Training Your Team

  • 10 September 2017
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On September 14-15, 2017 Looker held the annual JOIN user conference in San Francisco. One of the sessions was called “Tools for Training Your Team.” This serves to summarize that event! Soon we will be adding a link to a recording of the talk, but you can find slides here already.

Why is Training important?

  • Get more value out of your data

  • Enable end-users to self service

  • Get more data into more hands

  • Sales Pitch: Enable end-users beyond consuming dashboards

  • Analyst work elevated to higher value

No matter how you deliver training, it is always a valuable opportunity. That is certainly true than whn you plan to gather and hold a live training event. For a guide on how to approach preparing for a data explorer training, see this discourse article. Find in this article below a link to the Fruit Basket Training deck and the corresponding data set to add to your Looker instance.

Though that run-down is great for the context around preparing for a business user training, find here the fruit basket training deck by itself along with two additional useful materials:

Business User Training Deck

[looker_training.model.lkml] (

Template Training Dashboard

For more details on how to run the training itself, see slides from a presentation on the topic. This was given at JOIN 2017 by Looker Professional Services Consultant Andy Crutchfield.

Tools for Training Your Team JOIN 2017 Deep Dive

We host a weekly live webinar of the fruit basket training, along with common analytical patterns. Consider pointing your team there before holding a training customized to your data.

Weekly Business User Webinar

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Hi! Great talk. Could you make those slides (on Google Drive) open to the public? They appear to be locked down. Thanks!

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Thanks for pointing that out! I was linking to the wrong spot, I’ve updated the article now.

hey! these links are broken, do you have them updated somewhere? thank you!!

just requested access - pls extend access! thx

The links above are all broken. May you please update them especially the training material for internal users, it would be greatly be helpful for us