Inconsistent data under system_activity explore for the number of querying users in the past

  • 29 October 2021
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Ladies and Gentlemen, does it happen to you that the data from system__activity explore seem quite inconsistent?

Well, in my company’s case, we are tracking the weekly embedded users that are querying Looker dashboards, and then, the strangest thing happens. When we took the history data using “completed date” and “user count”, we found on day 1 that, on week 40, we had 50 active users. Then, we checked this data again on day 2, it says we had 57 active users on week 40. This is quite weird since we didn’t make changes to the users. The historical data seemed to be overwritten. 

Then, on day 3, we saw that the number of active users we had on week 40 was “actually” 35. Ok, we screenshot that number and wait for day 4 to come. On day 4, as expected, the number change to something else again.

We are quite surprised to see that the history data keeps changing everyday. It becomes impossible to understand how many users are using our embedded dashboards. We lost track of our business and cannot bear the misinformation any longer. 

Does this story relate to your business case as well? I wonder if you are faced with similar issues. Please share your experiences and thoughts on it!



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