How to set two filters to the same value in joined explore

  • 18 June 2022
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I have an explore that is two views joined by id. Both views have a required time filter (to properly query a partitioned table), and both views should be filtered on the same value. I want to set this filter at the dashboard level so that it can be adjustable. How can I do this?


I know that for tiles using merged results I can use a single filter on both merged views, but on a joined explore it will only let me select one. Is there a way to select both with just one filter on the dashboard? I also can’t add it as a condition for the join because it needs to be filtered before being grouped.

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1 reply

Hello rrli, 


If the use case is you simply want 1 date filter modifying different date fields for different tiles .. have you tried modifying the “Tiles To Update” section of the Edit Filter section? 

You can create a generic filter field, or even repurpose an existing date field .. and just have Looker point that date filter to different fields for different tiles. 

This would be the simplest way to accomplish this. If you require multiple fields being filtered on the same tile with only 1 filter we can look into solving that with Parameters or Templated Filters. 


Let me know if this solves your issue.. if not im happy to discuss further.