How to list of dashboards or looks that used by specific explore?

  • 3 January 2022
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I want to know the list of dashboards or looks that created by specific explore? Can we do with available looker API?

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You can run a query withe the API leveraging the System Activity History Explore and filter on Explore from the Query view, then select the dashboard/look) attributes (e.g. ID, title, link). There are also system__activity/look and system__activity/dashboard which you could use. 


Here is a starting point with the Python SDK. 
query = sdk.create_query(body=models.WriteQuery(model="system__activity",fields=["dashboard.title",""], view="history", sorts=[], pivots=[],filters={"query.explore": "accidents"},limit=1000,column_limit=14))
run = sdk.run_query(,result_format="csv")