How to create a DENSE_RANK?

  • 13 January 2022
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 Hey guys,

so, I’m trying to build a ranking for my clients. Most of the variables that I’m using I can use the rank() in table calculation.

With that, I am able to use other set of functions, suck as lookup(). 

lookup(row(),rank(${aum}, ${aum}), ${brand_name})



However, some variables return same rank position, and using lookup, doesn’t give me the output that I want.

Thinking now, I see that the only way that would work is using a dense_rank( ) calculation, but it seems that Looker doesn’t have one.


I’ve tried some calculations like:

max(row())-rank(${order_items.count}, ${order_items.count})+1


count_distinct(offset_list(${field_to_rank}, -1 * row() + 1, row()))

But none of them worked. 


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