How can I see all the available databases.

  • 18 August 2022
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I have been given access to the data through the looker portal, however the company hasn’t given me a list of all the data base names and column names. I’m fairly new and young in data science and would love if anybody can help me. Thanks.

4 replies

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Do you have access to SQL Runner? 

If not, what kind of account do you have? Just viewer, creator?

Yes I do have sql runner. I did find one of the data bases which had some data I can use, I then used a basic “select from” query with “where” to select a certain timeline. However this database doesn’t contain the columns of data I need and I'm still confused as to what the other databases are called…


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You will only be able to see schemas of your connection based on privileges given to the account used for connection setup in Looker. Same with tables. If the account (for example BigQuery service account) used for connection hasn’t got privileges for all tables, you won’t see them in SQL Runner.

Despite SQL Runner being a useful tool, it’s not great for exploration of the Data Warehouse in an company. It only gives you an idea what is available for Looker Developers to work with and build Explores for other business users. 

Thanks Dawid, was helpful!