Histograms in Looker

  • 17 September 2015
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Is it possible to add histograms as the next visualization added? What do other people do in order to generate histograms in Looker nowadays?


Best answer by izzy 4 December 2020, 22:55

Hey patient Lookers,

Histograms are here! We now have a custom viz (built by Looker) available in the marketplace to install: 

Just go to: https://<yourinstancename>

You can see the README here:


Let us know what you think, or hey— make a pull request if you have any tweaks. It’s open source :grinning: .

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26 replies

I’m not sure what kin of data you are looking to represent, but do you mean bar charts?

to represent data over time you can use the column charts feature, no?

Hey Will,

My use case is wanting to looking at days as a dimension (x-axis) and counts on the y-axis. What you’re recommending works but if a group, e.g. 2-3 days, does not have any values, that bar wouldn’t show whereas a real histogram there would be a blank.

@law You can find an alternative answer to that question here: How to zero fill dates in Looker

The challenge with the tiers is that it means you already know what the bins should be. It would be helpful if Looker is about “discovery” to allow for more on the fly binning during the discovery / exploration phase.

Has there been any work on this? Being able to create a histogram from a specific column would be a game changing feature for my organization. Having to create a tiered dimension is a pain point and it seems like a basic feature other platforms (like Tableau) offer.

Most basic plotting tools and libraries have histogram functions… shouldn’t an advanced analytics platform like looker also have histograms ? I mean this isn’t rocket science

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Any progress with this?

+1 from our company

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Still no update on this one currently, but I hear the desire for it in this thread and our product team is definitely aware of it.

+1 on this as well.

+1 on Histogram as well

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Any updates here?

+1 definitely

+1 here as well!

+1 for histograms, seems so basic…

+1 on histograms!

+1 on histograms!

+1 to Histograms!

+1 on histograms

+1 with a strong desire for histograms! I’d love to use Looker for more EDA but the lack of histograms makes it cumbersome.

+1 for histograms

+1 for histograms

+1 on histograms!

Important to be able to set a lower and upper bound and bin size. Ideally we should be able to histogram on the complete data, and not only on the visible rows.

  • 1 for histogramss

+1 for histograms without having to make a tier dimension.