Grid Layout and measure colour persistence

Hi everyone!

I’ve got following problem with the Grid Layout: By Pivot feature - It segments the chart labels and consequently the colours across the Pivot.. but why? This makes no sense as the visualisation includes multiple charts themselves segmented by Pivot.

This makes the visualisation difficult to read..

In the example, I have 2 dimensions and 2 measures. 1 dimension is set as pivot and the visualisation layout is segmented in charts per pivot.

Dimension 1 = X axis
Dimension 2 = Charts

I’d expect the 2 measures to product 2 labels, but I get 4 and therefore 4 different colours

How can I have Measure 1 (Average) and Measure 2 (Median) maintain their original colours throughout all the grid charts?
In other words, how do I remove the Pivot value from the labels so they collapse into 2 Labels, instead of currently present 4.



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I can only think of manually assigning colors for the measures in Edit tab - Series customization

I don’t think we can make these 4 series to become 2.


There is a feature request for this actually and you can upvote it, so product team will be able to measure interest for future developments

Thank you, Olga.

This is rather unfortunate..

Grid Layout: By Pivot setting pretty much renders the visualisation with way too many labels, when used with multiple measures.

In other words, it always would produce a Cartesian product of [Pivot Columns, Measures] as set of labels, while you’d expect to see only [Measures] as labels.

As to manually assigning the colours, this is not feasible as the pivots we expect to see are not static. We can not go through each tile on a dashboard and re-do the colours every time the pivots change e.g. there is a new quarter, month or any other value in the pivoted dim.

P.S. I’m not able to access the “feature request” as it is asking me for login credentials I do not have, nor do I see any way to register an account with them.

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Yeah, I know, it is a feature that would be really great to have.


For accessing the feature re4quest - in Looker in the Help menu in right top corner there will be Help menu (symbol ?) - and in there you should see "Product Idea?" -> that will log you into pendo portal automatically