Google Maps Visualisation - Feeback Thread

  • 29 July 2022
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Some of you may have noticed there’s a Lab feature to enable Google Maps Visualisations. It was expected that after aquisition, they would go away from OpenStreetMaps. Let’s gather feedback/tips around it in one place!




Draw Map Labels above data doesn’t work:

The labels are still below the colours of data




Remove labels that are not needed for the geographical granularity. If I have country data, I don’t need to see the labels for capitals.

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Hi @Dawid great initiative! 

I was trying to figure out if this map option also has the limitation of 5,000 points but I couldn’t. Is it still the same right? 

We work with properties. We have many millions of ids and each of them generate revenue. We would like to see the Density Map or the Heatmap taking into account all of the individual points. In Kibana we would do this using geohash precision field and the aggregation would be automatically done.,Geo%2DCentroid,-Kibana%20now%20uses

But if Looker doesn’t support more than 5,000 points, then I understand the density or heatmaps would be incomplete. Is this correct? 

If it’s correct, then we think a great feature would be to choose precision from a geohash. 

I hope I could explain my idea 😅