Formatting for totals row replicates the LookML on the data section of the explore but doesn't transfer to the viz section

  • 4 May 2022
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We’re having an issue with the formatting of the Totals row when we select this option on the data part  of the explore. 

The value_format for the measure is defaulted in the LookML as below

              value_format_name: decimal_0

And it is formatted in LookML using the Liquid HTML here

              html: {% if value < 0 %}
                 <font style="color: #990000"> ▼ ( {{ rendered_value | times: -1 | round: 0}} ) </font>
              {% elsif value > 0 %}
                 <font style="color: #009900"> ▲ {{ rendered_value | round: 0}}  </font>
              {% else %}
                 <font style="color: #000000"> {{ rendered_value | round: 0}} </font>
              {% endif %} ;;

(I have tried both value and rendered_value without success), these format correctly for the relevant measures and dimensions in the data section of the explore (see below)


Totals row formatted the same as the table rows above

This doesn’t transfer to the viz


Totals row loses the colour/decimals/and shape formatting in the viz

I can live without the colour and the shape but the decimal places needs to be resolved, any help gratefully received.  Many thanks.

3 replies

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Hi Sstanford!


Based on the liquid syntax, did you try using “round” without arguments?

URL of example:





Best regards,


Hi Leo

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve amended the code as below but it still generates the multiple decimal value in the totals row in the viz . 

Kind regards.

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I’m having the same problems as this, it looks like the html parameter is not picked up or used in the totals.