[FIXED in 3.36] Issues with dragging & dropping table calculation columns

  • 28 October 2015
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One thing that I’ve noticed, and that our users also reported, is that dragging and dropping table calculation columns can cause other columns to disappear, and that table calcs can only be anchored to the right of a given pivot without causing problems. However, I couldn’t seem to find anything about this in the documentation.

Is this not how table calculations are supposed to work? If it is, is there some way to prevent users from accidentally messing up their Explores and table calculations?

10 replies

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Hey Rob - this is actually a known issue that engineering is working on! This is not intentional behavior, and we are working on a fix for this.

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I can’t drag my Table Calculation columns to the left of my dimension columns - they’re stuck over on the right - is that part of this same issue?

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Hey Dan - This is by design. Table calculations currently cannot be positioned along with dimensions or measures - they will always appear to the right of their respective group. But I’ll make sure our product team sees this.

Hi @lindsey, some more feedback on the positioning issue… It is keeping me from being able to vertically stack a percentage line series on top of a columnar series in a 2 y-axis visualization. If there’s no other way to change the “front to back” order of the different series other than re-ordering them, does that mean that a series based on a calculated field always has to be in the “back” of the visual?

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This is indeed the case @jakewoodstn, but I’ll pass this on to our product team

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Just wanted to note that the original issue noted in this post should have been resolved in Decembers release, 3.36.

It is still intended behavior for table calc to be to the right of dimensions if the table calc is based on a dimension, and to the right of measures if the table calc is based on a measure.

Has there been any movement on allowing calculated columns to be placed among dimensions and measures?

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I just ran into this now (Looker 6.6.11) - there’s still no way to position a table calculation earlier than one of the measure’s it’s using? This does prevent some visualization options so it would be very nice to get this fixed!

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Yep, this is still the way table calcs work. I’m not going to move over this topic, since it has other discussion in it, but you can open a new topic in the Feature Requests category to formally request it!

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Thanks - there’s an existing Feature Request that seems to be along these lines, I voted for it and added a comment -