Filtering by Calculation columns

  • 29 January 2018
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Is it possible to filter by table calculations? I have a simple calculation at the end of my row that shows the highest value in the row (hundreds of data points). Now I want to filter on that calculation and only show rows with values above a certain threshold. How would I accomplish that?

One note, I have seen the method to filter “No’s” from visualizations but that won’t work in this instance. I need to pair down the data I’m working with before I go into visualization. My database would produce tens of thousands of data rows in not filtered first.

27 replies

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I don’t think this will ever be released. Mostly because of how the engine works. Table calculations work after data table is returned so they can’t filter it, however, you can still filter what output is passed to the visualisation

+1 This would be very helpful. Is there any movement from the product team on if this is on the roadmap to release?

Great useful feature.

Ready yet?




Could be extremely helpful

This would be extremely helpful to create some dashs

+1!! this is a very basic feature...

+1 please this is much needed -- spent and 1.5 hours trying to figure this. super disappointed this doesn’t exist. :sob:  :cold_sweat:

+1 please

+1 !!

+1 very important feature

+1. very important feature



+1 on this feature, run into this problem a lot

+1 Would be a very helpful feature.

Another +1 here for this feature

+1. This would be a very useful feature

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Filters work in SQL layer that’s why we can’t use it. Since table calculation is in the client layer you can create another yesno type column and use it as Hide Nos from Visualisation

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+1. This would be a very useful feature

+1 - Agree it would be so useful to have the option to filter on calculations; thank you!

Hi there,

Did anything been implemented regarding this topic ?


I agree it would be extremely useful to filter by a calculation column.

It would be really helpful if we could filter on table calculations directly without having to create a measure.

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Top 10 could be achieved by having yesno dimension calculated based on a table calculation with row(). The row() stays the same regardless of the order, hence you can first order and then take top 10

Or use the visualisation settings to only display n rows