Filter order is wrong

  • 6 August 2021
  • 1 reply


I just created a query and added a series of OR filters for one field and pivoted by that field

I decided I didn’t like the order of the series, so I removed some ORs from the top and added them at the bottom.

But the resulting visualization is sticking to the original order. How do I rearrange this without starting over?



1 reply


I am still pretty new to Looker, but one thing I know is that Looker likes to organize everything in alphabetical order by default. Changing the order of the filters will not change the way the visualization appears. 

If there is a specific order that would be intuitive for your organization, then the appropriate dimension or measure can use the order_by_field. (see )

If there are columns appearing after you have adjusted the filters that should not be showing(there are 7 filtered items in your image but 11 columns), you may need to hit the Run button again to update the visualization.