[Feature Request] Show how long query has been running

  • 12 February 2018
  • 1 reply

While a query is running, Looker shows a spinning wheel. When the query has completed, Looker shows how many seconds that query took to run. I’d like Looker to show how long the query has taken so far, next to the spinning wheel.

We often run long queries but have to look at our Redshift queue to know how long each has been running for. Something in the UI and more convenient would help lend visibility into the length of these long-running queries.

1 reply

Hi @nflaherty,

Thanks for writing in! I’d be happy to pass along your use case and feedback to our Product Team for a live timer when running a query.

If you happen to be an admin, you can go to the “Queries” tab of your Admin section to see the elapsed times of all the current queries running on your Looker instance (as well as any past ones)!