[Feature Request] Reference other dimensions from an Explore's Filters

  • 8 October 2015
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It would be very cool if Advanced Filters supported referring to other dimensions available in the explore.

An example would illustrate my request best:

To work around this, I have a dimension that calculates the difference between member created date & order created date.

It would be even cooler to have the option of specifying a raw SQL snippet as a filter.

Then one could do crazy things such as:

For completeness, here’s the full SQL snippet from the screenshot above:

IN SELECT(${returns.customer_id} FROM ${returns} WHERE ${returns.subtotal} > 200 GROUP BY 1)

– any customer who has made a return worth more than $ 200.

Its impossible to do this filter in the UI, because as soon as I join to the returns table, I lose all orders that don’t have any returns.

Having the ability to do raw sql queries also allows us to put in custom logical groupings of a filter. Currenty the AND | OR option appears automatically, and I can’t change it. Sometimes I really need the other option but I’m limited by the UI

And other crazy stuff that I can’t even imagine yet

In the immortal words of Stan Lee, “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”.

To really kick it to the next level:

  • We must recognize this, and be able to limit who can create a raw sql filter, so also add that in the administration panel,

  • The query parser must be able to sanitize badly specified or malicious Sql Snippets

  • This should be its own filter type, maybe call it sql-snippet and put it right below advanced.

Lastly, if you guys put this feature in. I will forever refer to Looker as Look-even-cool-er

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