Explore searches returning too much noise - I want don't want to search variable descriptions!

Hi there,

Explore searches return description matches, which is terrible as it adds too much noise on search results.

For example: say I have 10 'revenues' variables, '10 gross profit' ones, 10 'gross margin' ones, 10 'ebitda' ones, 10 'net income' ones, etc. In this case 40 variables will be described as "revenues minus this and that".  As a result a search for revenue will return 50 variables rather than the 10 that I want. 

How to remove descriptions from searches? Ideally searches should look at variable names for variables without labels, or labels for variables with labels and that is it. 


Thank you


PS: post subject should have been "Explore searches returning too much noise - I don't want to search variable descriptions!" but I can't find a way to edit this (apparently only the post can be edited but not the subject and deleting and posting again doesn't work).

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