Dynamic Parameter Filter not working for Date Timeframes

  • 12 April 2022
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need help on below issue, I’m trying to pick the filters from one dashboard page and trying to pass those filters to another dashboard which i’m using Link parameters

I’m able to pass for string fields, but I’m not able to do it for Year as my Date dimension is created as below


dimension_group: actual_del {
    type: time
    timeframes: [
    convert_tz: no
    datatype: date
    sql: ${TABLE}.actual_del_date ;;

=========================Below im using in measure part======================
when i use another column like string data type its working, but when i’m trying to use Year its not working may be bec of timeframes or dont know need support on this 


measure: total_Measure {
    type: sum
    sql: ${Revenue} ;;
    link: {
  label: "Total Revenue"

 "{{_filters['actual_del_date '] | url_encode }}"




alrternately i used filters in the url by giving below as well but not worked at all

1.)    Year={{_filters['actual_del .year'] | url_encode }}

2.)    Year={{_filters['actual_del_date .year'] | url_encode }}


Pleas help how to achive.


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It looks like this might be due to how Looker names the child dimensions from a dimension group.
The name of the dimension you defined is “actual_del”. Looker will add “_timeframe” for each dimension created in this group (as specified by the timeframe parameter).
For example, date would be “actual_del_date”, which I believe is why there was success using this naming format in the “total_Measure” definition.
To reference “Year”, you would use “actual_del_year”.

Month = actual_del_month,
Quarter = actual_del_quarter,

Hope this helps!

Hi @dbrinegar 

Thanks for the response,

I’m newbie 


How to declare, where to declare, How to use it ? 



I would check out the link documentation, as it is explained in more depth there than I ever could!

But, taking their example from the “Example: Passing an existing filter value to linked content” section, I think your measure would look something like:

measure: total_Measure {
type: sum
sql: ${Revenue} ;;
link: {
label: "Total Revenue"
url: "{{_filters['VIEW_NAME.actual_del_year'] | url_encode }}"

where “VIEW_NAME” is the view you defined/wrote the “actual_del” dimension group in.

Hi @dbrinegar 


Thanks for your support, this works as expected 😀