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  • 8 January 2021
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Is there a way to add comments or a discussion plugin to a dashboard? In these work-from-home days we often need to have a non-realtime discussion about topics in a dashboard, with people in different places. The charts alone aren’t enough, we need annotations and other markup tools

I’m sure we’re not the only people who need this so wondering what options people use?

For example

  • a commenting plugin/area on a dashboard?
  • just copying screenshots into another doc for discussion?
  • embedding looker tiles into some other BI tool that allows discussion



6 replies



Вроде куча всяких инструментов, расширений есть, а главное, то, что оптимизированых с нужными платформами или апишками.

В чем именно проблема?


Looker showed off something similar in their 2020 JOIN conference called the Looker Feed


However, Bryan had mentioned that it is definitely far from production ready and the implementation is quite hack-y, not sure if it is on the product roadmap but something like this would be great in the future.

@aiden any idea what that visually looks like? Is “feed” something like a “facebook feed” idea, with images and comment boxes?

Or some other format?

nothing that MS Power BI has a comments sidebar:

this looks almost like Teams integrated with a dashboard (from 2018 - the Before Time :)



@DCsan It looked pretty slick. I actually managed to grab a screenshot during the presentation, see attached image. Very twitter-esque

@DCsan, the other thing I would note is that Looker is adding in comments onto the ‘Data Dictionary’ extension. Hopefully that's a good first step towards getting comments on a dashboard/feed at some point

Thanks @aiden  ! This feed looks more just like a way to publish documents, more granular individual component graphs than a complete dashboard, but still basically one way. maybe there’s a comments area under each feed item, more like FB/Twitter feed stream, but I can’t see anything above like that?

On Data Dictionary, do you mean this way to add annotations to fields? It seems just for describing a single value, not really a discussion around some changing reports:

I’m really looking for a way to have a meaningful conversation / data exploration with a team to get to insights, and not just a dashboard for presenting a final conclusion, but can’t really see how to do this within Looker atm. Kind of like google docs sidebar comments or even a forum like this, integrated with charts per topic. I’m sure it’s possible to cook something up with embeds &c but it’s a fair bit of work…