Dashboard after explore file moved

If I moved an explore file under project A to project B, can I still keep all the dashboards and looks developed from that explore file working? It seems like I have to recreate everything again. Any suggestions?

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Hi @jzyu,

A query is defined by the model and explore that it’s in, not the project. So if the explore and model names are the same, and the model configuration is the same, then you should be good to go! Let me know if that’s not the case for you.

Sorry, actually I said it wrong. I moved an explore to a different model within the same project, so when I open the original dashboard, I got error “Could not find the model or view requested.” Do you know what I can do in this case?

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Hey @jzyu,

In this case I recommend using the content validator. The content validator will find the broken looks and you can do a find and replace for the new model name. Let me know if you run into trouble!


I have a similar situation to jzyu. I have used the content validator and it was great to fix the error on individual looks. But the dashboards using those looks are still broken, as the dashboard is still referencing to the old explore name. Also I have a other dashboard that have not looks on it, only tiles, and the errors on that dashboard was not found by the content validator. It looks like it only detect and affect looks.

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Thanks for letting us know @Fabiana_Tamburrini - I’ve passed this on to our product folks. If you’re renaming the explore for UI reasons, you might want to use label instead.

I am facing the same issue.

Since the Content Validator update (>5.10) lookless tiles can be referred to new model names.

However for me, the dashboard is still referencing to the old model name:

  • In Content Validator, changed the Model reference from old to new model name

  • Tile works individually

  • However on dashboard, tiles display ‘View Not Found’

  • Explore From Here generates URL with old explore name: [old model] / [label]

  • Changing URL will work: [new model] / [label]

  • Therefore I think the Content Validator does not update dashboard references

I don’t know an easy way to do this now. For LookML dashboards I can change it there, however these are the dashboards created from the UI in Spaces…

Hi Sebastiaan,

Do these tiles in question happen to include Merged Results?



Hey Sami we are not using Merge Results… (Content Validator we do).

Only thing I have to check is it might be because I am checking in development mode. You can imagine Im a bit cautious at this stage. I know changes to dashboards take effect in production, so might be something there.

Ya… content validator doesn’t update the Dashboard Filtering. We are attempting to use the SDK to do an update_dashboard using Python to do this. But update_dashboard doesn’t seem to actually update the model names of the filters for some reason. We have entered a case with Looker on it.

Has this been resolved? I am facing the exact issue after removing an older dashboard and creating a similar one in its place. I would like the old dashboard links (i.e. as a linked dashboard) be replaced by the new version. The content validator does not find the issue.

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Thomas, what do you mean by dashboard links? Are these fields you’ve defined that link out to a specific dashboard that’s not around anymore?

If so, I think that’d be out of the scope of the Content validator, since that’s usually done with manually defined URL’s in the html or link parameter. If you’d like, you could open up a feature request for that in the feature requests category.

If not, let me know what you mean!

Hi guys,

Just found this post and thought it is a bit relevant to my problem at the moment. Content Validator won’t look at looks inside dashboards for broken filters, right? For example, we changed a dimension from ‘boolean’ to a ‘yesno’ and all is fine in Content Validator, but dashboards are now broken as filters in these Looks still look for a 1/0 answer. Should I open a FR for this? Or is there one? Or even, is there a way to find these cases? We have a lot of manual work everytime something like this happens.

Thank you!