Creating a YoY Chart on the DAILY level

  • 30 June 2022
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​​​​Picture of my visualization settings

I’m trying to create a bar chart that shows YoY changes on the daily level, but as you can see above the bars are still separated out by year. I’ve gotten to the point where I want the two “3-21 (Wed)” rows above to be side by side instead of being listed as two separate rows. I want this so that I can perform row calculations to grab the % Change YoY (between the 2021 column and the 2022 column). 

My desired output would look something like this (but with real data / labels): 

Example of desired solution


The “Send Timestamp Formatted” variable is being calculated as so: 

Liquid Date Formatting


I’m wondering if I should not be using Liquid to format my date as a ‘date’ type, since the year is still actually preset, causing the rows in my data table above to separate out instead of group together. Perhaps the solution would be to turn “Send Timestamp Formatted” into a string?

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