Create Alert for daily spend

  • 19 July 2018
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We get spend data from our channel partners daily and ingest into looker. Sometimes the data doesn’t flow as expected. I would like to create an alert for each channel. Eg. alert me if daily spend for partner X is below average +/- 3% spend for last 7 days.



1 reply

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This can easily be done by creating a schedule on a look. Assuming you have a look already created with the column (daily spend, for example), follow the below steps:

  1. Go to your look

  2. In the details pane on the right hand side select Edit Your Schedules (or settings > Schedule)

  3. Fill out the form fields and then you can run a test and save it if it’s good.

More notably, within that form, you’ll want to select the below settings:

Where should this data go? Email

Who should it be emailed to? list of email addresses

Trigger: Repeating interval

Filters: Setup the filters so it only returns the data related to what you’re after (+/- 3% and within last 7 days)

Advanced options: Send this schedule if: there are results

Also see Schedule Email Deliveries