counting records based value in a dimension

  • 20 December 2022
  • 1 reply


name ID MBS Count of MBS
smith 123 60504 1
smith 123 60505 2
Jones 124 60504 1


moving reports from Oracle Bi to looker and a bit stuck as to how to achieve a table with the count dimension as above - each ID can have many MBS and need a running total  or count by ID only.


In oracle Bi i can just create a dimension to  count MBS by ID  - is there a way to achieve this in looker?



1 reply

First, congrats on getting away from Oracle BI!

There seem to be two solutions depending on how big the data set is. The first is simply defining a derived table as a dimension. This allows you to query the data in real time without working about new data being inserted into your data source.

If this creates a performance issue, you can create a persistent derived table (PDT) which is also in that link above.