Add Drill Down to Calculated field based off multiple measures

  • 22 September 2022
  • 1 reply

Hey there everyone,


I am tryin got be able to drill down from a KPI percentage that uses two measures.  As far as I understand, you can only add drill downs in a measure.  The two measures look something like below:

  measure: reporting_count {
type: count
filters: [report_date: "90 days",
status: "Active, Hibernate, Deactivation Pending"]

measure: subscribed_count {
type: count
filters: [status: "Active, Hibernate, Deactivation Pending"]


What I would like to do is have a percentage (reporting_count / subscribed count) able to drill down to a set.  But I know you cannot create a measure based on another measure.  So my question is, how can I create a calculated field that allows for drilldown?

1 reply

I was able to complete the below, but the drill down does not work as intended.  It returns all results, not just the reporting devices.

  measure: reporting_percentage {
type: number
sql: ${reporting_count} / ${subscribed_count} ;;
value_format: "0%"
drill_fields: [reporting_dashboard_drill_fields*]


Then in your KPI include the two counts that are used in the above calculation.  You may just have to hide them to make the percentage value the main focus of the KPI.  You must include the count values in the data results, or else the measure will not work.