Visiting IFrame dashboard deletes user from group

  • 7 October 2020
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I encountered strange bug. Let’s start with the context:

I have created folder: muminek then removed all access. Only group called muminek_group left in access with label View. muminek_group contains 7 users.

Then I went to my website with embedded Looker iframe and logged in as one of those 7 users from muminek_group. I get response that I am not allowed to see the dashboard and user (that I’m currently logged in) is deleted from muminek_group. I believe it is a bug, but maybe I forgot about something?



6 replies

Hello! I have the same issue.. Any solution or workaround?

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Hi Kornel. 


1.Which version are you using?


2. Please share a sample of the URL generated.


I had a similar issue when using an empty array in python. If you are using only groups to manage access, you should use []   (not [''])


Best regards! 




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lol I replied an old thread, anyway! The answer was  on using  empty arrays without quotes


Thanks for the quick response!


We’re using V3.

This is an example:

 "token": ""

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Florencia


It looks like your URL is missing “groups_id” parameter:


URL of reference:


Best regards,


Thanks for the suggestion Leobardor! We’ll try with this config and I’ll let you know.