Selectively hiding filters in an embedded report

  • 29 August 2018
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We need to pull just a few filters outside of the Looker frame to support constraints in our application and maintain continuity with other apps in our suite. The parameters from those filters will be injected into the embedded Look.

We want to hide those filters within the embedded Looker UI but retain their filtering ability and display the other filters that we aren’t implementing in our own UI.

Forgive my terminology if anything sounds wrong there. I’m hunting on behalf of our Engineering dept, not actually developing this myself.

18 replies

Hey David,

Thanks for your question. Generally, filters for embedded Looks will not be shown if only the Look is embedded. I can let the product team know you’d like to be able to selectively show those filters to the end user.

It would be possible to embed that Look as the only tile on a dashboard. Then you could have Dashboard filters for the ones you want the End User to see.

Reach out to if you have any questions.


Maybe I’m using the wrong term …

We have embedded Looker dashboards and reports with filters and export functionality included in the Looker UI. This is wrapped in our app’s basic framework. In addition to navigation and account tools, we also had to add three filters outside the embedded Looker UI.

We want to hide those three filters within the embedded Looker UI but keep other Looker filtering capabilities.

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We have the same use case. Our application uses custom filters that were developed by us. The custom filters sit outside the looker iFrame and we use Lookers JavaScript Embed Events to communicate those custom filter values back to the Iframe.

In the documentation, it states that you can pass a show_filters param in the url, but we have not been successful with that (Looker also told us that it doesn’t work).

However, there is an easier option on the embed settings itself called ‘show filters.’ The only drawback is you can’t selectively hide the filters. It’s an all or nothing option (to my knowledge).

This should give you what you want (if I’m understanding the question correctly).

Thanks Marc, that’s correct.

The best way to Hide filters is to use the Show Filters toggle in the Edit Embed Settings Options and I can confirm the show_filters param does not work in the URL.

Marc is also correct in that we cannot choose which filters to hide, it is all or nothing. I’ll let the product team know you’d like to be able to do this in a future release.

Reach out to if there are additional questions we can answer.



Thanks for the clarification @Marc_Wilson @swhite 👍

We’re moving toward fully customized filters within our UI, so a little short-term pain is manageable.

Hello all, 


I wind up in this thread and it reflects exactly my problem!

Since it’s been 2 years since the last post, is there any update on this issue?

Meaning, it is possible to select what filters to show/hide?


Thanks in advance!


I don't see “Edit embed settings” on my dropdown.

Is there any update on this?

We have the exact same issue.

+1 for this. any update?


It looks like the Looker UI has changed since when this thread was posted 2 years ago, not seeing the ability to “Edit embed settings”

+1 here too.

Also looking for the ability to select specific filters in specific looks instead of presenting all the filters in all the looks.

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+1 We also need the ability to selectively show filters in embedded reports. Certain filters are used as a navigation tool ( such as an ID) but we don’t want the end user to see it.

+1 here as well.

All - this is not documented and the next gen dashboards are clearly not feature complete. You can view the legacy dashboards and still edit this toggle.


Go to the legacy dashboard url for your dashboard and then you can see the edit embed settings.

In the url of the browser change


 to /dashboards-legacy/

+1 on the need to hide some filters on a Looker iframe

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Expanding the use case a bit to include both embedded content and rendered dashboards PDFs, it would be nice to be able to hide dashboard filters from rendered dashboard PDFs, too, without having to use a custom theme.  We have similar needs to hide those values from external clients.


In case anyone here is interested in upvoting that feature, here’s a feature request link

Any update on this? It seems crazy to me that we can't hide some filters for embedded dashboard… Looker is suppose to be a BI Tool to make development faster but blocking basic features like that cost alot for your clients.

Can you please explain why this feature is not there yet?

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I also need the ability to selectively hide filters in an embedded context. 

I would have thought it would be available by now, seeing as people have been asking for it for four years and you built a whole new dashboard experience in that time. 


All I want for the holidays is the ability hide individual filters in a Looker Dashboard