Replacing 401 page with custom page

  • 22 March 2021
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We’ve got a React app using embedded Looker throughout, and when users timeout, they see the default 401 error page provided from Looker.

What’s the best practice to catch that 401 error to be able to display a custom error page and/or re-auth the user?

1 reply

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The way alot of folks approach this is to configure JS event listeners that watch for the `dashboard:run:complete` event with a status of `complete`, and that’s only when they surface the embedded dashboard in the iframe.

If query(s) on the dashboard timeout, you’d see a status of `error` or `stopped`, which you could use as a trigger for your app to show something else to the end user (ex a page that says “There was a problem generating this report, contact xyz” or something).