Properly passing embed_domain property in embed_url

  • 26 September 2022
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Hi I am trying to pass embed_domain property as mentioned by the documentation here . Also I am not using any SDK library to build the Embed URL and am simple using java URIBuilder to build the properties.

However when I pass the embed_domain property and verify the embed URI validator, I am getting the error as Embed URI is not valid: The request included invalid params: [“embed_domain”]

Below is the sample code on how the embed url is generated

URIBuilder mainUrl = new URIBuilder()
.setHost(lookerJavaProperties.getLookerHost() + getEmbedPath())
.addParameter("embed_domain", "");

URIBuilder uriBuilder = new URIBuilder()
.addParameter(NONCE_PARAM, nonce)
.addParameter(TIME_PARAM, time)
.addParameter(SESSION_LENGTH_PARAM, lookerJavaProperties.getLookerDashboardSessionLength())
.addParameter(EXTERNAL_USER_ID_PARAM, getExternalUserId())
.addParameter(PERMISSION_PARAM, getUserPermissions())
.addParameter(MODELS_PARAM, getUserModels())
.addParameter(GROUP_ID_PARAM, getGroupIds())
.addParameter(ACCESS_FILTERS_PARAM, getAccessFilters())
.addParameter(SIGNATURE_PARAM, getSignature(time, nonce))
.addParameter(USER_ATTRIBUTES_PARAM, getUserAttributes())
.addParameter(FORCE_LOGOUT_PARAM, lookerJavaProperties.getLookerForceLoginLogout());

String a = mainUrl.toString();
String b = uriBuilder.toString();

return a + b;

Need help on it, thanks


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