Obtain/Get Row(s) selected from embedded table

  • 18 May 2021
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Does anybody have any insight on how to tell what rows have been selected in an embedded table? JavaScript events don’t seem to have anything:

The only “hack-around” i’ve found is to use `dashboard:filters:changed` but the only data available in that event is the actual column that was selected, nothing from the actual row which is what I really need to be able to use outside of the looker embed.



Simple table is embedded showing list of accounts.  User filters down the table to the rows of users that match the criteria, then selects (as example), 2 of the 3 rows shown.  

In our application with the embed we would then show a button (outside of Looker) the user can click to disable those accounts (custom SQL query to db to make update).

Actions WILL NOT work for this as that would mean the user has to click on each and every single result to run the action, multiselect here is the key requirement so we can automate the process in our own application (outside of Looker)


If it’s making an API call to get the results that’s fine too, just looking for some way to detect what the user has “selected” in the table, even if it’s not a native JS event.  So far I’ve not found any way to do this which is a deal breaker for us.

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