No Results return in Looker but I am seeing queries get to Snowflake

I was doing dev work in models yesterday (8/3/2022) and was testing my changes in the Explore.  I was receiving results when querying in Explore and committed my changes.  Today I accessed the Explore to do some additional testing and I am not getting results back from Snowflake into Looker for one particular model.  We have two other models that are returning results without issue.

In Snowflake History I see the query sent by Looker and results return when the query is run in Snowflake.  I reverted my branch back to production thinking that something LookML change I’d made broke something but I am still getting the same results.   I had another developer access their branch in Development mode and they see the same behavior.  Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it?  

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